headers of Chris Chung. (Archie Wong, Waterloo Road)

feel free to use, but please give me credit :)

this still makes me smile, i love them both a lot. :) <3

this still makes me smile, i love them both a lot. :) <3

he’s gorgeous man :3

Apparently Union J are saying Jason derulo wrote ‘Loving You Is Easy’ for them when it’s actually Austin Mahone’s song… Awksss..

is it just me or has anybody else noticed that everything ariana did with Jai she’s doing with Nathan. the next thing she done with Jai that she’ll do with Nathan is break his heart.

2 Auslly headers. Please credit me if you use. Also, please let me know if you want me to make more :) xx 



i’d love for someone to smack Miss Spark. 


I’m so disappointed with the Waterloo Road writers right now.
Episode 1? Fantastic.
Episode 2? So, so.
Episode 3? Well, 2 hours to go…
Episode 4 & 5 spoilers? Terrible. Once again the spotlight is focused on the same people: Connor, Christine, Audrey, and fucking Kevin. Don’t get me wrong,…

I wanna start a Waterloo Road fanfic, shall I do one? Please message me on ideas, and who to do one about! I’d really appreciate it, I’m bored all the time and I want something to do haha!